Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What people want from technology is usually pretty clear...

To be a bit more concrete, we're asking:

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Vintage Condition Grading System - II

Condition Ratings
*** Source: Price Guide to Costume Jewelry, Third Edition by Harrice Simons Miller

Mint: New, never worn.

Near Mint: No apparent wear.

Excellent: No chipping or fading of finish or enamel; no missing, yellowed, or darkened rhinestones; no worn prongs or edges. If stones have been replaced, it should not be obvious.

Very Good: No missing or dead stones, no peeling pearls, minor chips in the enamel or slight wear on the prongs or edges.

Good: Any flaws do not affect wearability. Under a loupe there may be spotting in the foil, minor darkening or graying rhinestones, minor yellowing and signs of wear. Professional repairs.

Fair: Visible damage, missing or darkened stones, broken closures, severe wear. Old repairs with solder evident on reverse.

Poor: Stones chipped, scratched or missing; dents and holes in metal; some missing prongs.