Saturday, July 14, 2012

Daphne Guinness, a fashion icon

"Fashion is not just about trends. It’s about political history. You can trace it from the ancient Romans to probably until the ’80s, and you can see defining moments that were due either to revolutions or changes in politics. At the end of the Roman era, there was this whole move against togas, because that was the signifier of the Roman Empire. In the same way, the ’60s were a reaction against the ’50s and so on. But now we’ve been feeding on a sort of cadaver. At the moment, we’re just endlessly recycling the past."

Maybe Daphne Guinness  has an eccentric style, maybe she seems Lady Gaga most of the times.  But I think she´s fabulous! Bold, crazy, amazing, funny...  And she is always wearing something vintage!

Fantastic video where Daphne talks about herself and the reason she wears what she wears.

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