Sunday, October 2, 2011

Vintage Condition Grading System

A large majority of vintage items have been worn and are not new unless stated. So, some wear should be expected. However, it is possible to buy vintage stuff in a great condition.

I don't buy something that I consider inferior just because it has a well known brand name. If the pictures aren't clear, if I feel unsure for any reason, I prefer to ask people to specify if there is any damage or irregularities.

This glossary can serve as a guide for vintage lovers. Some sellers have similar grading systems.

New Old Stock (NOS):

Never worn or used vintage item with original store tags or packaging. Also known as Dead Stock.

Item is in perfect original or restored condition. It is not damaged or faded in any way. All original details and decorations are intact and no alterations or changes to the original item have been made.

Excellent or near mint:
Item is intact and has been gently-worn or used without any signs of wear or damage.

Very Good:
Item is intact but the decorations or item details show some signs of wear.

Item is intact but the decorations or item details may be damaged or missing.

Item is wearable or usable but may have missing decorations.

Design inspiration only. Item is NOT WEARABLE or USABLE due to the overall condition. Fabric or paper deterioration is evident, or the delicate condition of the item predisposes use other than display, rental for design purposes or private collection.

Sometimes the diference between "excelent" and "very good" is subjective... Because of that, if buying online,  be careful and take your time to make a judgement.

My rule: I only list items which I would be happy buying or receiving myself. I try to describe and photograph with the outmost accurately and, of course, people are free to ask me any questions.

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