Thursday, August 30, 2012

Why I love so much vintage jewelry?

Vintage jewelry pieces are generally made of heavier materials that last. I love the quality, because, in general, they are extremely well-made, especially designer pieces, like Trifari, Coro (my favorites!). However, there are great vintage jewelry pieces unmarked or unsigned with a fabulous design.

Vintage jewelry pieces are rare, unique or exist in small quantities. And I like to be unique, to stand up from the crowd. That´s how I am and who I am. I hate to bump with a girl using the same necklace! It happened once and I felt very uncomfortable, although I thought: "Nice taste!" 

Authenticity is also important. I rarely use reproductions. I like items that carry a small piece of History and a part of someone else's history. I feel so special when I wear something from my mum or my grandmother!

And, of course, I choose items that fit my character. I love the late Fifhties, and the Sixties! In 3 words: Mad Men Style! 

I love the idea that anything old can be new. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! The 3 R´s in fashion means to have an EcoChic attitude!

So, wearing vintage jewelry is definitely to make daily a  fashion statement and a pleasure!

The small pictures were are part of 1964´s Trifari Ads

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